Print what you want to preserve….


DSC_6813A beautiful family photograph to treasure for a lifetime….  a very important and wonderful photograph.    In this photograph we have Leisa and Tom the parents of two beautiful children, Lucy and Archer.  Leisa and Tom will share this photograph with their family and friends and will keep coming back to this photograph for years to come with pride and love.  But the real magic of this photograph is when Lucy and Archer are parents themselves and they want to show their children this wonderful photograph.    Will they be able to….. or will it have been lost forever in the digital age.   Sliding doors here…. if Leisa and Tom had just a digital copy and have viewed this image on their computer it is almost a certainty that Lucy and Archer will never be able to show their children this photograph, because this image will have got lost in technology and disappeared. In 30 yrs who will have  ever heard of a disk or usb..?

But… imagine , if Leisa and Tom had this image printed on archival paper of 100 years provided by the professional photographer who took this photo.   Lucy and Archer will be able to hold this photograph and show their children with pride this wonderful piece of family history.

Print what you want to preserve for your future generations…. if you have a professional portrait session, purchase the prints for prosperity.   Go through your own photographs you have taken on your phone and print the best in a book , anything … just print because starting in about ten years time, there will be the biggest shortage of photographs if we don’t.